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February Goblet is Garfish, sixteen angler members competed for either the target species or other species hoping for a club record. The weekend competition was unusually quiet with many members away for various reasons, however, we had five ladies, eleven men with no juniors entering.  In total, sixty-four fish were caught, measured, photographed on a measuring mat and mostly released to be caught again another day. This is sustainable competition fishing at its best. The lack of juniors entered was frustrating as our club is keen on teaching fishing to the next generations and having them generally outside and away from the digital screens. Come on kids, its great fun. Goblet:

Neil Alexander 28.1cm Garfish 70.50 points

Ladies Lake and Estuary:

Janet Sinclair     Garfish     28cm        60.00 points

Ladies Rock and Beach:

Not Awarded this month

Ladies Outside:

Janet Sinclair      Morwong    54cm  109.92 points

Men’s Lake and Estuary:

Peter Dugan     Whiting    40.1 cm   86.96 points

Men’s Rock and Beach:

Merv Roberts   Blackfish    36 cm   69.15 points

Men’s Outside:

 Rod Federer   Kingfish    115.5 cm  174.43 points


Not awarded

Mystery Fish:

John Suthern for Flounder

Turkey of the Month:

Merv Roberts because he misread the measure-in time and arrived with a prize-winning fish just as everyone was packing up to go home. 

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