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THFC “Presentation Night” Special Edition

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                                                                                                      TUROSS HEAD FISHING CLUB                                                                                                  ANNUAL PRESENTATION NIGHT 2017 Oh what a night; The Club's Annual "Presentation Night" was held on 18th November, where the theme of the night was "Saturday Night Fever" (Night Fever!!) and the night certainly did not miss a beat.  Everyone got into costume and looked absolutely fabulous, with the atmosphere being electric as we danced the night away to the sounds of the Bee Gees and other disco hits.  Afro wigs dominated the dance  floor, along with shimmering tops, mini dresses and knee high boots. The venue was decorated beautifully (thanks Jeanie and her helpers) and there was plenty to eat and drink.  All round it was a very successful and enjoyable event and we would like to give special thanks to Jeanie and her team all their hard work in bringing this great night together and to Scott and his team for organizing all the trophies.  Good Job all round guys. PRESENTATION RESULTS John Suthern, took out the most number of Trophies for the evening, winning in the following cateogories:    Largest Species                                        (Flounder 28cm)      "         "                                                  (Mulloway 80cm)      "         "                                                 (Whiting 46.6cm) November Goblet 2016                            (Blackfish 42.7cm) March Goblet 2017                                   (Tailor 52cm) Highest Scoring Inside Fish                      (Whiting 116.49 pts) Jim & Margaret Davison       Perpetual Trophy                                (Flathead 434.38 pts) Sustainable Fishing Award                        (30 Fish) Stevan Tomin Memorial Trophy -   (Highest point scoring Tailor)                  (Tailor 74.00 pts) The Ron Dight Memorial Trophy -   (Most consistent Bream Fisherman)         (9 Bream) Peter Dugan, also took home an armful of Trophies, including the Men's Champion Angler. The other categories he won are as follows: Champion Angler (Male)                                  (2696.60 pts) Club Tagging...

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Newsletter – October 2017 (TROUT)

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TUROSS HEAD FISHING CLUB Newsletter October 2017   What a Social Month October turned out to be.  Our Club's weekend away to Huskisson was absolutely fantastic; the location was perfect, the accommodation comfortable and the weather was great.    Despite the water being a little choppy in certain areas, some Members caught a number of fish, with Marty Sheather taking prize for the largest fish caught.  We held a fishing competition to make things interesting and the Mens winners were John Suthern and Matthew Roberts, Rachael Kennedy and Jeanie Dixon took out the Ladies team and the Mixed team was won by Marty Sheather and Cathy MacNamara.         Mens: John & Marty                            Ladies: Rachel & Jeanie                                Mixed: Cathy & Marty A good time was had by all, with lot's of laughter, especially when we played the "Secret Santa Stealing Game".  This time it was decided that all Santa prizes were Gnomes, which was absolutely hilarious, especially when Janine Suthern won a prize for best "Dummy Spit" after someone stole her Gnome (which incidentally she stole from someone else!).  A competition was held for the best photo of Members with their Gnomes doing everyday or silly activities, which sent Moruya and Huskisson into confusion with Gnomes turning up everywhere, from Woolworths to boats, to the Hospital.        A big thank you goes to Jeanie Dixon and Gavin Robinson for organising such a fabulous weekend and the various competitions.  Also a special thanks to Tammy Paul, Pete Dugan and Ruedy Kozlowski for their culinary skills by producing a delicious BBQ; the steaks and chicken were awesome and thanks to Pam Alexander for her wonderful, yummy salads, which the local rabbits enjoyed also!! The Tuross Head Fishing Club was granted permission from NSW Fisheries to be the FIRST Club to hold its "Gone Fishing Day" on Sunday 1st October 2017, rather than later in the Month, this was to line up with School Holidays, when there are many Tourists in Tuross Head. The purpose of this Event is to encourage those in the community to  "give fishing a go", provide educational material and promote joint outside family activities. The event proved to be a success with people coming from far and wide, including the Schumacher Family from Norway.  In total 187 men, women and children  participated in this fun filled day, with the addition of Fishcare Volunteers, Fisheries, Maritime and The THFC Committee, there were over 200 people involved on the Day.  This was a 100% increase on last years' attendance. The sun was shining and there were happy faces everywhere, especially when "Snappy" The Crab made an appearance.  The educational "Touch Pool" was a favorite too, as children learned all about the various sea creatures (collected by Mike and Regina Byron) delighted as they picked up and prodded the various species in total fascination.  The Touch Pool certainly won the day!  The Fishing Pond, run by Steve (from Fisheries) and the Knot Tying Post were also popular.  The children and parents alike had an absolutely wonderful time and their faces lit up as they came forward to collect their prizes of high quality fishing rods,...

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Newsletter – September 2017 (Highest Score Fish – Draft)

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Tuross Head Fishing Club Newsletter September 2017   The Goblet Weekend "Measure In" was held on Sunday 17th September 2017 and was combined with a talk from Richard Hanly (from Maritime) regarding boating/safety/insurance advice.  It was an informative speech with lots of interaction from Members with numerous questions asked.  There was much positive feedback on how interesting and knowledgeable the speaker was and how it gave many Members food for thought.   Our thanks go out to Richard for his time and effort. September 2017 GOBLET WEEKEND (Highest point score, no Goblet Fish): The September Goblet weekend brought with it blustery weather with cold biting winds, which made for challenging fishing in all areas. Despite many anglers participating, fishing was difficult and slow with just 8 anglers (3 Ladies/5 Men) having caught a total of 41 fish .   September is mystery month, meaning any fish that is not normally a goblet fish could win with the highest points.  A good use for a variety of fish caught is Fish Chowder, which was JFK's favorite meal, The point scoring fish for the weekend was a Morwong with point score of 116.00 points and measuring 51.5 cm, which was caught by newcomer David Backhouse, RESULTS: Goblet:                 Bruce Kennedy          Sergeant Baker             44.00cm       90,0 points Mens: Outside:                David Backhouse       Morwong                     51.5 cm     116.0   points Lake & Estuary:     John Suthern             Tailor                            36.6 cm       70.0   points Rock & Beach       N/A Ladies: Outside:                 Vickie Ballard             Sergeant Baker            38.0 cm       75.00 points Lake and Estuary    Rachael Kennedy      Bream                           30.0 cm        50.0   points Rock & Beach         Rachael Kennedy      Salmon                         50.0 cm        80.0 points Junior:                     N/A         Congrats John Suthern                     Well done Vicki Ballard and Peter Dugan                                                                for your multiple catch on one cast                                                                                                                                                            ...

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Newsletter – August 2017

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TUROSS HEAD FISHING CLUB Newsletter August 2017             Our AGM was recently held, which began with a fantastic luncheon thanks to Tammy Paul and her helpers, who did such a great job.....well done.  A special thanks also to Peter Dugan for his awesome lamb on the spit, it just melted in the mouth and well done Mr President for shouting a beer/wine.   As a result of the AGM, the Committee has changed a little and now stands as follows: President:                                 John Suthern Vice President:                       Peter Dugan Secretary:                                 Bruce Kennedy Treasurer:                                Carol Kenney Competition Secretary:      Scott Paul Catering Officer:                    Tammy Paul Social Secretary:                    Jeanie Dixon Minutes Secretary:                Pam Alexander Publicity Officer:                   Angela D'Arcey THFC Wednesday Raffles Coordinator:                            Neil Alexander THFC Patron:                         David Greenhalgh Committee Members:          Max Castle                                                         Gavin Robinson LIFE MEMBERSHIP:     Congratulations to Max Castle for being awarded a "Life Member" of the Fishing Club.  This award is in recognition of all his hard work and dedication, not only to Our Fishing Club, but Max has worked tirelessly in the pursuit of safety , sustainable fishing  (preservation of fish species) plus many more issues relating to the enjoyment of fishing in Tuross and surrounding areas.  Once again Max, we would like to thank you for everything you have done and achieved over the years with us. *MEMBERSHIP is now overdue, so please renew at the Country Club ASAP.  There are many benefits associated with being a member, one of which is the great social life within the group; the trips away, the countless get togethers and the monthly Goblets weekends (followed by a free Luncheon for Members).  We have recently picked up some new members, so welcome to our Fishing Club in Tuross and hope you enjoy being a member as much as the rest of us. *Our Club has recently joined the recently formed Eurobodalla Recreational Fishing Group.This group is made up of fishing clubs within the Eurobodalla. This provides a greater voice on larger issues that may be of concern. Our representative is Vice President Peter Dugan. *Roads and Traffic Authority have a discussion paper out regarding the proposed new bridge at Bateman’s Bay. At the moment the proposal is that both boat ramps north and south of the existing bridge will go. We don’t know where and we don’t know what will be provided at this stage. Currently...

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March to June Newsletter

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  JULY NEWS LETTER FOR TUROSS HEAD FISHING MEMBERS Hi members, Another fishing year is coming to a close shortly and the fishing competition is close between members. Our Competition Secretary, Scott Paul, has really got a handle on the scoring program and has been spending a lot of time in that regard. Scott has also taken on the role of coordinating a tagging program for Flathead in the Tuross River. This is to assist with research and to understand the fish stock better. Unfortunately he has not received many tag card and we need to get a “giddy up” on this please. See Scott for details. Members should now be aware that Tuross Recreational Fishing Haven is now officially recognised as Trophy Flathead "hotspot". This is a more formalised volunteer program to promote the release of Flathead 70 cm and over. Some members have been doing this for years. The objective is to now encourage our visitors to Tuross to do the same thing. Signs are expected to be installed at boat ramps towards the end of this year. Small booklets are available. Please advise if you want one to promote this initiative to your friends or other clubs! An application has been made for a fishing grant to hold a Go Fishing Day again this year following the big response received last year. This will be our second year so we are on a learning curve.  There will be a number of new indicatives this year. We need your assistance to join up new members so your help would be appreciated. Last year the event was one week after school resumed – not convenient for us – I approach Fisheries and we are permitted to hold our event on 2nd October which will be school holidays!  Please make a note of this date and advise friends who are interested in attending and have been thinking about joining the fishing club. If you would like to assist or want further information please contact Scott or myself please. A  large screen monitor has been purchased to enable fishing point scores to be displayed in the Country Club.  Scott is onto this so have a yarn to him as this initiative sounds great! Our social secretary is looking for opportunities to go away for a weekend perhaps later this year. More info on this by the next committee. An updated brochure about our fishing club has been printed. We may be seeking volunteers to drop these in community letter boxes. Further advice to follow. Neil Alexander has developed a new roster for Wednesday Night. If you are interested in being included or at lease being a reserve please let Neil know. I understand 18th Nov has been suggested for Presentation Night. This will be confirmed by the new committee but I suggest you make a note of this date. Further info about this night will be provided. Eden Fishing Club is keen to visit us in November on our goblet weekend. We are waiting for their confirmation. They love coming to Tuross so please make them welcome as he have in the past! Alternative insurance arrangements are being considered by the committee. The objective is to make members more aware of the insurance issues. More issues being considered by committee....

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New artificial reef for Merimbula

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Here is an interesting article reprinted from the "Daily Telegraph" Mar 31, 2017. The article by Al McGlashan describes the science and practice of artificial reefs and how they attract fish of many species to areas that were previously devoid of fish. The article also gives hints on how to fish those reefs.   Artificial Reef Merimbula Daily Tele 31032017Share this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Google+ (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new...

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Fishing Christmas Party 2016

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Our Christmas party was a great success with over sixty people attending and happy participating in the fun and games. The party followed the Flathead Goblet measure-in  starting with lollies per table and a generous serve of prawns per table.  After a sumptuous spit roasted meal cooked by Scott Paul and assisted by John Shaw the fun and games started. Santa arrived complete with a Mrs Santa and two elves as attendants carrying a swag of presents for the children. Santa gave the presents to the children who were at the party                         The raffles were drawn and the prizes awarded with congratulations to those who chose the prizes.   Then it was chaos as the secret Santa gifts were chosen. Basically people brought a present, to the value of twenty dollars, wrapped and anonymous. Each secret Santa gifter was given a number and as their number was randomly drawn they could choose a wrapped gift. However there was a catch and each gifter had the option to not choose a wrapped gift but instead "steal" a gift that had already been chosen by someone else. Each gift could be stolen a total of three times before it was finally owned. This gift stealing caused great mirth, frustrations and pleasure until eventual permanent owners were established. The deserts followed the secret Santa gifting and were exceptionally generous in choices, amounts and quality. Then it was time to simply socialise and celebrate the occasion. Rumour has it that some were still celebrating as late as after midnight, however, the clubs publicity officer wouldn't know for sure as he and his wife were home and in bed by a much earlier hour. Many thanks much go to our catering officer Tammy Paul, to our social events officer Jeanie Dixon who did the face painting, organised the lollies and generally handled the social aspects. Thanks to those that prepared food and deserts in their own homes to bring and to those who help serve the meals and attend to the clean-up afterwards. In summary, how long is it to our nest Christmas party ??? This one was a ball.Share this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Google+ (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new...

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Exciting events for November, December and Beyond.

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The next few months are quite innovative for Tuross Head fishing club members. It begins with negotiations that have been completed with Fisheries and the announcement by Niall Blair MLC (Minister for Primary Industries) that along with St Georges Basin, Tuross Lake has been officially declared a Trophy Fishery for Flathead. Tuross Lake has long been noted for producing "monster" Flathead along its shallow banks. Recreational fishing is a favourite activity within NSW and a massive contributor to our economy. It is a $3.4 billion industry and generates 14,000 full time jobs across the state. In fact, it is third (behind Equine sports and Golfing) in recreational activities. Do note that this recognition comes with a change in bag limits for Flathead. For "flaties" 36 cm and over the bag limit is 10 per day. Only one flathead per day over 70 cm may be kept but fishers are encouraged to release all flathead over 70 cm  as they are breeding females. In accordance with the "Trophy" status Tuross Fishing Club is also approved for tagging of fish species. Tagging of fish provides valuable information on fish stock numbers, growth rates and sustainability. Competition Secretary, Scott Paul is managing the tagging and is seeking people interested in assisting as we need to start tagging now. - Contact Scott. December Monthly Competition. The goblet fish is flathead  and the competition runs over Dec 9-10-11 with the measure-in starting at 4.00pm. This will also be the fishing club Christmas party. So please come and take part. Santa will be attending and he would love to give gifts to your children. Please assist us by advising that your child or children are "in" and quietly slipping your chosen and previously independently purchased Santa gift to Santa to present to your child. For adults, we will again be running a "secret Santa" for attending members les pilules de viagra. For those wishing to be part of the secret Santa, please pre-purchase and wrap your gift. Gifts should be in the region of $10-$15 and of appropriate and useful quality. No rubbish gifts or chocolates please. It will be a lot of fun so do attend. Goblets for the First Quarter 2017 - January 13,14,15 is Whiting February 10,11, 12 is Garfish. Australia Day January 26, 2017, The fishing club committee is looking for ideas for a venue that has easier access , has playgrounds, toilets and perhaps BBQ facilities to attract more members to attend as Goat Island has seen attendees dwindling to almost nothing over the years. Ideas please !!!! To any committee member or Jeanie Dixon (Social Officer) or Mike Byron (Publicity Officer). Flathead and Bream Tournament, Entries are now being accepted for this fabulous event being held on the Canberra Long Weekend March 11 and 12. For the first time both Paypal and credit card options are available as well as the payment options previously available. Do please note a small surcharge will apply for Paypal and Credit card payments. Rosters for the monthly events as well as our Wednesday Night Raffles will soon be available for helpers and will be given as paper copies as well as being posted online. WALLAGA LAKE, a great club subsidised social event is being organised for the weekend after the FBT. March 17-20. Its four nights...

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Most Recent Changes to the 2016/17 Goblet Monthly Fishing Competition – August 2016

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Changes to the Fishing Club “Measure-In” Rules and Regulations   During the 2016 Annual General Meeting held August 14, 2016, a majority vote formally accepted that the Measure-In method be adopted as the procedure used by the Tuross Head Country Club sub club known as the “Tuross Head Fishing Club”.   Overview   In brief, the Measure-in uses the length of the fish measured on a standard measuring mat “Brag Mat” as issued by the NSW Department of Primary Industries. This is also the evidentiary mat type used in NSW courts for prosecution of fishing offences.  The fishing club will supply one “brag mat” to any member who has not previously been supplied with one. Extra measuring mats can be purchased via NSW DPI. A full set of rules and regulations is available of the club website here;   On the Tuross Head Fishing Club competition weekends competitors who wish to enter fish may do so by a number of means. They may present a fish to the competition secretary, on the competition Sunday, to be measured and given a score of points Eligible fish caught during completion hours may also be measured and recorded at the Tuross Head Shell Service Station or the Tuross Boatshed and Cafe.   Alternatively, for those that wish to catch and release they can photograph the fish on the measuring mat and present the photograph to the competition secretary during the Sunday Measure-in. Photographed may also be recorded at both the above mentioned service station and the boatshed.   At this point in time competition photos cannot be uploaded to be evaluated and scored.   Changes   Goblet A number of changes have been made to both the Goblet species, the dates of the goblet and some changes to the length and point scores of the various fish species. The changes to the goblet species was done to better reflect the availability of species at the time of the goblet competition.  The following is the new goblet competition. Trout is not the September Goblet fish. September 16/17/18 Goblet Fish of the Month – (NEW) HIGHEST POINT SCORING NON GOBLET FISH.  THESE ARE THE FISH THAT CAN BE ENTERED, Flounder, Flying Gurnard, King fish, Mullet, Leather jacket, Mulloway, Nannygai, Gummy Shark, Tuna Yellow/Blue fin, Trevally     October 30/1/2 Goblet Fish of the Month – Trout (opening of Trout Season)(Summer’s 4pm weigh-in time starts)   November 4/5/6 Goblet Fish of the Month – Blackfish   December 9/10/11 Goblet Fish of the Month – Flathead   January 13/14/15 Goblet Fish of the Month – Whiting   February 10/11/12 Goblet Fish of the Month – Garfish   March 17/18/19 Goblet Fish of the Month – Tailor   April 7/8/9 Goblet Fish of the Month – Drummer (back to 1pm weigh-ins)   May 12/13/14 Goblet Fish of the Month – Snapper   June 16/17/18 Goblet Fish of the Month – Bream   July 7/8/9Goblet Fish of the Month – Salmon   August 11/12/13 Goblet Fish of the Month – Morwong   Length and pointscore changes   Blackfish Max length  has been changed from 60cm to 50cm increasing the points per cm from 3.03 to 4.35   Flounder Max length  has been changed from 55cm to 50cm increasing the points per cm from 3.33 to 4.00   Kingfish Max length  has been changed...

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August Newsletter

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The August measure-in is over and that report has been previously published, with a much larger than normal attendance of members. That probably had a bit to do with the fact that the measure-in was closely followed by the Annual General Meeting. The AGM saw some changes to the committee with John Suthern becoming the Club President (read John's welcome letter below). The Vice-President is now Bruce Kennedy with Max Castle staying on as Secretary. Carol Kenny agreed to retain her position of Treasurer. Regina Byron remains as the minute secretary. Scott Paul was nominated for the position of Competition Secretary and he accepted that so he is now our new "ComSec". His wife Tammy Paul has accepted the position of Catering Manager which now gives the long serving and tireless Janine Campbell a chance to have a rest. The whole club thanks Janine for the years and work she has put into the club.   Mike Byron is now the Publicity Officer and the author of this newsletter. Mike can be reached at anytime on 0438 742 005 or by email on Jeannie Dixon accepted the position of social officer and she is now the person to talk to about the range of already planned and future social events, outings and away weekends. Peter Dugan is a new member to both the fishing club and the committee coming to us with a wealth of experience in fishing clubs and the administration of those clubs. David Rothwell was nominated to become a life member whilst David Greenhaugh remains on as the club patron. Amongst a number of matters arising from the AGM is the club member's vote ratifying the measure-in of competition fish caught. That is; that fish be measured by length rather than by weight. This can be done on the competition measure day or by a submitted photograph taken on a DPI measuring mat. Points will be scaled and awarded on the basis of that fish species length. Another adjustment is to move around the goblet fish so the various goblet fish will be more ready available to catch at as the seasons change . The September goblet fish will not be a specific nominated species but instead it will be the best scoring fish out of any of the twelve fish species that score points but are not on the the nominated species list.  In other words, Non Goblet species.  Thanks to Steve Starling for bringing to our notice that adjusting the goblet species to the season would result in better of that species by our members. A full list of fish species that will score points in a club competition is on the club website and once all the goblet dates are written in concrete (detailed planning of social and fishing events are not yet finalised due various venues and dates conflicting. However, it is an exciting year. Talking about exciting, the Crackenback weekend is filling fast and the vacancies are strictly limited to thirty people. This is a club subsidised weekend so it is very much first in best dressed ! Lastly, if you have a friend or acquaintance who likes fishing, encourage them to join our club.   President's Message Welcome to a new year of fishing competition. Firstly, I would like to...

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