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New artificial reef for Merimbula

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Here is an interesting article reprinted from the "Daily Telegraph" Mar 31, 2017. The article by Al McGlashan describes the science and practice of artificial reefs and how they attract fish of many species to areas that were previously devoid of fish. The article also gives hints on how to fish those reefs.   Artificial Reef Merimbula Daily Tele 31032017Share this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Google+ (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window)Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new...

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Fishing Christmas Party 2016

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Our Christmas party was a great success with over sixty people attending and happy participating in the fun and games. The party followed the Flathead Goblet measure-in  starting with lollies per table and a generous serve of prawns per table.  After a sumptuous spit roasted meal cooked by Scott Paul and assisted by John Shaw the fun and games started. Santa arrived complete with a Mrs Santa and two elves as attendants carrying a swag of presents for the children. Santa gave the presents to the children who were at the party                         The raffles were drawn and the prizes awarded with congratulations to those who chose the prizes.   Then it was chaos as the secret Santa gifts were chosen. Basically people brought a present, to the value of twenty dollars, wrapped and anonymous. Each secret Santa gifter was given a number and as their number was randomly drawn they could choose a wrapped gift. However there was a catch and each gifter had the option to not choose a wrapped gift but instead "steal" a gift that had already been chosen by someone else. Each gift could be stolen a total of three times before it was finally owned. This gift stealing caused great mirth, frustrations and pleasure until eventual permanent owners were established. The deserts followed the secret Santa gifting and were exceptionally generous in choices, amounts and quality. Then it was time to simply socialise and celebrate the occasion. Rumour has it that some were still celebrating as late as after midnight, however, the clubs publicity officer wouldn't know for sure as he and his wife were home and in bed by a much earlier hour. Many thanks much go to our catering officer Tammy Paul, to our social events officer Jeanie Dixon who did the face painting, organised the lollies and generally handled the social aspects. Thanks to those that prepared food and deserts in their own homes to bring and to those who help serve the meals and attend to the clean-up afterwards. In summary, how long is it to our nest Christmas party ??? This one was a ball.Share this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Google+ (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window)Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new...

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Exciting events for November, December and Beyond.

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The next few months are quite innovative for Tuross Head fishing club members. It begins with negotiations that have been completed with Fisheries and the announcement by Niall Blair MLC (Minister for Primary Industries) that along with St Georges Basin, Tuross Lake has been officially declared a Trophy Fishery for Flathead. Tuross Lake has long been noted for producing "monster" Flathead along its shallow banks. Recreational fishing is a favourite activity within NSW and a massive contributor to our economy. It is a $3.4 billion industry and generates 14,000 full time jobs across the state. In fact, it is third (behind Equine sports and Golfing) in recreational activities. Do note that this recognition comes with a change in bag limits for Flathead. For "flaties" 36 cm and over the bag limit is 10 per day. Only one flathead per day over 70 cm may be kept but fishers are encouraged to release all flathead over 70 cm  as they are breeding females. In accordance with the "Trophy" status Tuross Fishing Club is also approved for tagging of fish species. Tagging of fish provides valuable information on fish stock numbers, growth rates and sustainability. Competition Secretary, Scott Paul is managing the tagging and is seeking people interested in assisting as we need to start tagging now. - Contact Scott. December Monthly Competition. The goblet fish is flathead  and the competition runs over Dec 9-10-11 with the measure-in starting at 4.00pm. This will also be the fishing club Christmas party. So please come and take part. Santa will be attending and he would love to give gifts to your children. Please assist us by advising that your child or children are "in" and quietly slipping your chosen and previously independently purchased Santa gift to Santa to present to your child. For adults, we will again be running a "secret Santa" for attending members les pilules de viagra. For those wishing to be part of the secret Santa, please pre-purchase and wrap your gift. Gifts should be in the region of $10-$15 and of appropriate and useful quality. No rubbish gifts or chocolates please. It will be a lot of fun so do attend. Goblets for the First Quarter 2017 - January 13,14,15 is Whiting February 10,11, 12 is Garfish. Australia Day January 26, 2017, The fishing club committee is looking for ideas for a venue that has easier access , has playgrounds, toilets and perhaps BBQ facilities to attract more members to attend as Goat Island has seen attendees dwindling to almost nothing over the years. Ideas please !!!! To any committee member or Jeanie Dixon (Social Officer) or Mike Byron (Publicity Officer). Flathead and Bream Tournament, Entries are now being accepted for this fabulous event being held on the Canberra Long Weekend March 11 and 12. For the first time both Paypal and credit card options are available as well as the payment options previously available. Do please note a small surcharge will apply for Paypal and Credit card payments. Rosters for the monthly events as well as our Wednesday Night Raffles will soon be available for helpers and will be given as paper copies as well as being posted online. WALLAGA LAKE, a great club subsidised social event is being organised for the weekend after the FBT. March 17-20. Its four nights...

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Most Recent Changes to the 2016/17 Goblet Monthly Fishing Competition – August 2016

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Changes to the Fishing Club “Measure-In” Rules and Regulations   During the 2016 Annual General Meeting held August 14, 2016, a majority vote formally accepted that the Measure-In method be adopted as the procedure used by the Tuross Head Country Club sub club known as the “Tuross Head Fishing Club”.   Overview   In brief, the Measure-in uses the length of the fish measured on a standard measuring mat “Brag Mat” as issued by the NSW Department of Primary Industries. This is also the evidentiary mat type used in NSW courts for prosecution of fishing offences.  The fishing club will supply one “brag mat” to any member who has not previously been supplied with one. Extra measuring mats can be purchased via NSW DPI. A full set of rules and regulations is available of the club website here;   On the Tuross Head Fishing Club competition weekends competitors who wish to enter fish may do so by a number of means. They may present a fish to the competition secretary, on the competition Sunday, to be measured and given a score of points Eligible fish caught during completion hours may also be measured and recorded at the Tuross Head Shell Service Station or the Tuross Boatshed and Cafe.   Alternatively, for those that wish to catch and release they can photograph the fish on the measuring mat and present the photograph to the competition secretary during the Sunday Measure-in. Photographed may also be recorded at both the above mentioned service station and the boatshed.   At this point in time competition photos cannot be uploaded to be evaluated and scored.   Changes   Goblet A number of changes have been made to both the Goblet species, the dates of the goblet and some changes to the length and point scores of the various fish species. The changes to the goblet species was done to better reflect the availability of species at the time of the goblet competition.  The following is the new goblet competition. Trout is not the September Goblet fish. September 16/17/18 Goblet Fish of the Month – (NEW) HIGHEST POINT SCORING NON GOBLET FISH.  THESE ARE THE FISH THAT CAN BE ENTERED, Flounder, Flying Gurnard, King fish, Mullet, Leather jacket, Mulloway, Nannygai, Gummy Shark, Tuna Yellow/Blue fin, Trevally     October 30/1/2 Goblet Fish of the Month – Trout (opening of Trout Season)(Summer’s 4pm weigh-in time starts)   November 4/5/6 Goblet Fish of the Month – Blackfish   December 9/10/11 Goblet Fish of the Month – Flathead   January 13/14/15 Goblet Fish of the Month – Whiting   February 10/11/12 Goblet Fish of the Month – Garfish   March 17/18/19 Goblet Fish of the Month – Tailor   April 7/8/9 Goblet Fish of the Month – Drummer (back to 1pm weigh-ins)   May 12/13/14 Goblet Fish of the Month – Snapper   June 16/17/18 Goblet Fish of the Month – Bream   July 7/8/9Goblet Fish of the Month – Salmon   August 11/12/13 Goblet Fish of the Month – Morwong   Length and pointscore changes   Blackfish Max length  has been changed from 60cm to 50cm increasing the points per cm from 3.03 to 4.35   Flounder Max length  has been changed from 55cm to 50cm increasing the points per cm from 3.33 to 4.00   Kingfish Max length  has been changed...

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August Newsletter

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The August measure-in is over and that report has been previously published, with a much larger than normal attendance of members. That probably had a bit to do with the fact that the measure-in was closely followed by the Annual General Meeting. The AGM saw some changes to the committee with John Suthern becoming the Club President (read John's welcome letter below). The Vice-President is now Bruce Kennedy with Max Castle staying on as Secretary. Carol Kenny agreed to retain her position of Treasurer. Regina Byron remains as the minute secretary. Scott Paul was nominated for the position of Competition Secretary and he accepted that so he is now our new "ComSec". His wife Tammy Paul has accepted the position of Catering Manager which now gives the long serving and tireless Janine Campbell a chance to have a rest. The whole club thanks Janine for the years and work she has put into the club.   Mike Byron is now the Publicity Officer and the author of this newsletter. Mike can be reached at anytime on 0438 742 005 or by email on Jeannie Dixon accepted the position of social officer and she is now the person to talk to about the range of already planned and future social events, outings and away weekends. Peter Dugan is a new member to both the fishing club and the committee coming to us with a wealth of experience in fishing clubs and the administration of those clubs. David Rothwell was nominated to become a life member whilst David Greenhaugh remains on as the club patron. Amongst a number of matters arising from the AGM is the club member's vote ratifying the measure-in of competition fish caught. That is; that fish be measured by length rather than by weight. This can be done on the competition measure day or by a submitted photograph taken on a DPI measuring mat. Points will be scaled and awarded on the basis of that fish species length. Another adjustment is to move around the goblet fish so the various goblet fish will be more ready available to catch at as the seasons change . The September goblet fish will not be a specific nominated species but instead it will be the best scoring fish out of any of the twelve fish species that score points but are not on the the nominated species list.  In other words, Non Goblet species.  Thanks to Steve Starling for bringing to our notice that adjusting the goblet species to the season would result in better of that species by our members. A full list of fish species that will score points in a club competition is on the club website and once all the goblet dates are written in concrete (detailed planning of social and fishing events are not yet finalised due various venues and dates conflicting. However, it is an exciting year. Talking about exciting, the Crackenback weekend is filling fast and the vacancies are strictly limited to thirty people. This is a club subsidised weekend so it is very much first in best dressed ! Lastly, if you have a friend or acquaintance who likes fishing, encourage them to join our club.   President's Message Welcome to a new year of fishing competition. Firstly, I would like to...

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Tuross Head Fishing Club April Newsletter

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Flathead and Bream Tournament 2016 Our Flagship Flathead and Bream Tournament is over for another year it was held on 12 -13 March with 256 people competing, contestants came from ACT, Victoria and all over NSW.  It was an exciting and eventful weekend with some excellent catches and stories.  We had excellent feedback from the contestants with many of them promising to return next year.  It is great that some of the contestants have been entering from the first year the Tournament was held. While the Saturday started out a bit dull with a heavy sea mist hanging around until late morning, once it lifted the weather was fantastic for the rest of the weekend.  Some of the highlights were, largest flathead 94.6cm caught by Nick Hewlett and largest bream 36.8 caught by Matt Townsend.   These were both great sized fish even more interesting when you know both these contestants were fishing in the same boat, must have found a great fishing spot, bet they will be back in the same spot next year. The winner with the best bag was Ryan Hore with second and third prizes going to Mark Brown and Matt Green respectively.  The Native Water Craft Kayak was won by Patrick Southern from Royalla NSW.  Congratulations to all our winners.   Winners Place Number Name Length / cm 1 246 Nick Hewlett 94.6 2 186 Mathew Townsend 91.5 3 46 Jamie Bateman 84 Place Number Name Length/cm 1 243 Matt Cummins 36.8 2 126 Ryan Hore 34.8 3 130 Corey Grech 33.3 Name F/Head Fish 1 F/Head Fish 2 Bream Fish 1 Bream Fish 2 Largest F/head Largest Bream Bag Place   Ryan Hore 54.50 57.50 27.50 34.80 57.50 34.80 245.20 1 Mark Brown 53.50 52.50 30.50 28.50 53.50 30.50 222.55 2 Matt Green 53.00 62.00 25.00 26.50 62.00 26.50 206.50 3 For full list of results click here.  FINAL RESULTS 2016 One of the contestants was unlucky as he caught several good size flathead and bream but unfortunately left his glasses at home, when photographing his catches, he had his key tag the wrong way up so his key tag number wasn’t showing therefore his photos couldn’t be included in the competition.  We hope he has better luck next year.  Another contestant lost his expensive Mako sunglasses overboard but before you feel too sorry for him he won a new $300 pair of Mako glasses in one of the raffles, now that’s what I call luck. This wonderful event wouldn’t be possible without our many volunteers, while there were too many to name everyone in this newsletter we must thank Janine Campbell and her team for the great catering on Friday and Sunday evenings, Jeanie Dixon for driving the Bus to pick up and return contestants to their accommodation.    John Southern the Comp Secretary and Neil Alexander our President for the great organisation of the event, and Jo Starling who designed the shirts and organised the publicity for the Tournament.  To the many other volunteers who helped out at registration on the Friday night and over the weekend, thank you for your support and help it is much appreciated as the Tournament wouldn’t be the success it is without our wonderful volunteers. We would like to once again thank all our local sponsors and...

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February Newsletter 2016 The Fishing Club committee hope you all had a great Christmas and wish you Happy Fishing for 2016. Goblet Weekends December Goblet was won by John Suthern with 25.4cm Garfish congratulations John. Gavin Robinson took out the Men’s outside with a 48.2cm Mowong, Rod Federer Men’s inside with 59.5cm Salmon. We had 4 ladies, 12 men and 4 juniors compete, a total of 50 fish caught and measured in, including a winning good sized bream at 30.5cm caught by junior Mathilda Brennan. Great fishing Mathilda. Sunday afternoon the wind came up making it a little cool but it was the last Goblet for the year and didn’t stop our enthusiastic members enjoying the Christmas BBQ where Santa and his elves popped in to hand out presents to some very excited juniors thanks Santa. Catering Officer Janine Campbell provided an awesome meal with Lamb on the spit being enjoyed by 50 plus Fishing Club members. January had TTFC members out fishing for the first Goblet Fish of the New Year, 31 anglers took to our beautiful waters comprising of 10 ladies, 15 men and 6 juniors trying their luck at Whiting. Whilst Saturday was a little windy overall the fishing conditions were good an impressive 104 fish caught and recorded at the measure in BBQ. Paul Brown won the Goblet with a 43.2cm Whiting giving him an outstanding 100.43 points. Bruce Kennedy took out the Goblet Fish carried over from November due to no Leatherjackets being caught. Tamara Whitehead clean up winning both the Ladies Lake and Estuary and Rock and Beach awards with a huge 91cm Flathead and a 56.6cm Salmon. No Ladies outside entries were recorded.   Turkey awards are always hotly contested and lots of fun for our members, the last two months were no exception with some excellent stories doing the rounds. December’s Turkey award was won by Linda Saberton who at the 50’s themed Presentation night lost her petticoat on her way to collect a Fishing Award, but Linda definitely has style she hitched up the petticoat and just kept walking. January’s award was the won by our Competition Secretary John Suthern who installed a letterbox for a client back to front, now that would have confused the postie John, fortunately the cement hadn’t dried by the time the mistake was pointed out and John was able to correct it. This month’s Goblet is Blackfish and weekend 13 – 14 February.  Make sure you come along for the Valentine's Day BBQ enjoy the meal along with desserts.  The March goblet is Tailor on 19 – 20 March the measure in will be at the Boatshed, our last 4pm measure in for the summer, from April BBQ’s will be from 1pm. Valentine’s Day Don’t forget Sunday 14 February is Valentine’s Day, make sure you give your partner an amazing fishing present or at the very least take them fishing for the Goblet weekend. We all buy presents for Valentine’s Day but not many people know who St Valentine was or why he is remembered as the patron saint of love so here is a brief history of why we celebrate Valentine’s Day. Most historians agree that St Valentine was a Christian Priest who lived during the third century AD after the Roman Empire...

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Tuross Head Fishing Club November 2015 Newsletter

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November 2015 Newsletter Christmas and holidays are just around the corner so time to think about what to buy the keen fishing persons in your family or amongst your friends, do they need or want a new rod, reel, lurers or maybe even a new boat, well we do hope Santa is kind to you all and you get lots of good fishing presents. November was a busy month with Eden Fishing weekend on 6th to 8th and the Goblet competition on 13th to 15th  with Leatherjacket being the Goblet Fish and our annual Presentation night on 28th. Octoprize Winner at Last We got down to three fish left on the Octopus Tentacles and $2,250 before Stuart Graham picked the right fish and won the cash, congratulations Stuart hope you enjoyed spending the money. The new Octoprize cash is already up to $450 so come along to the Tuross Head Country Club on Wednesday nights and get your Fisho raffle tickets buy $10 worth and get free entry into the Octoprize draw if you don’t win the cash you could still win we have thanks to our many sponsor’s lots of excellent prizes to be won. Eden Weekend Fourteen Fishing Club members hit the road to Eden despite the wet and stormy weather that would have put most people off traveling.   Eden treated our members to a BBQ on Friday night where Tuross & Eden Club Members were divided into their nominated teams with two members from each club per team. Weather on Saturday was extremely windy with only one Tuross boat venturing out at Two Fold Bay, Gav, Robbo and Jeanie the rest fished at Pambula River where some good sized shovel nose sharks were caught. After fishing in such windy conditions the Eden Club put on a great dinner with plenty of yummy deserts a great night was ha by with lots of fish stories. Raffles on the night were mainly won by Tuross members, Eden won the club scoring with Pam Alexander and Bruce Kennedy on the wing team.  Sunday saw two boats venture out with Carol, Max, David and Alex (member from Sydney) all catching good size Kingfish. The Club is now looking forward to our next friendly completion with Eden. Goblet Weekends October Goblet Fish was Flathead, John McNeil with his first entry to the monthly competition won the Goblet prize with a 68.1 Flattie congratulations great going John. Sixteen Anglers took to the water with 67 fish caught and submitted for judging. We had three ladies, eleven men and two juniors enter with  total of  22 Flathead caught. Most fish were entered by photo to be measured. As this was the first BBQ that the new measuring system was used, Scott Paul helped John Suthern to scrutinize the entries and enter the lengths but all went smoothly.   Extra effort was put in to displaying all the sizes and sores on a large board for all to see.     November was Leatherjacket month and while there were many Club Members out trying their luck for the elusive Goblet Fish Leatherjacket but the only one was caught was by Bruce Kennedy and unfortunately it was undersize Bruce released it to be hopefully caught again when he reaches legal size. There were six ladies eleven men and one junior who competed in this...

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Tuross Head Fishing Club Newsletter September 2015

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TUROSS HEAD FISHING CLUB NEWSLETTER SEPTEMBER 2015 Over a month into the new fishing year and we have experienced some good and not so good weather but there was still some good fishing to be had.  With the weather forecasted to improve later in the week and it being school holidays there will be more people out trying their luck so we should see some good fish at the next Goblet BBQ ‘it's all about the length’ measure in. Buckenderra Goblet Weekend Mark & Lucas Brown 59 cm Brown Trout The weekend was another great success.  The Goblet Fish of course was Trout.   It was a family weekend of fun with 15 club members attending including juniors who topped off their weekend with two 59cm Trout.   It is a delight to see the juniors out having a go, catching good sized fish and enjoying the competition. Congratulations to both Ross & Patty Parker for their winning 69.5 and 46cm trouts. Buckenderra club were excellent hosts with a great time had by all. We hope to see even more members hitting the road to experience the joys of trout fishing in this beautiful area next year. Michael & Innika Downie, Sam Gschwend, Lucas & Mark Brown Next Months Goblet Next month’s Goblet fish is Flathead and with the weather improving we are sure  there will be lots of good sized fish to be measured at our next monthly BBQ.    Don’t  forget in October the time changes from 1pm to 4pm giving you extra fishing time before measuring in your catch.  The weekend for Flathead Goblet is 16 18 October 2015.  Good Fishing everyone. Monthly Measure In The Tuross Head Fishing Club is excited to have new rules governing our fishing competitions.  These rules were passed at the 2015 AGM, with a resounding 95% of the voting membership electing to move to a “length” measuring system, rather than weight. This new system augments a steadily growing ethos within the Club to embrace sustainable fishing practices and encourage the safe release of any caught fish that are not wanted for the table.   We firmly believe that our new rules will have a positive impact on the fish stocks of our region, not to mention the fun-levels within the Club on Comp Weekends.   All our fishers need to do is correctly photograph their catch on a NSW Fisheries measuring mat (if you don’t have one the club will give you one) and submit that photograph to the Tuross Boatshed/Service station for recording at the scoring table. You can also bring fish that you want to keep to the scoring stations or the monthly comp and we will measure them for you.  Photos can also be submitted online at (but not on competition weekends).  Eden Weekend Don't forget it is only just over a month 6 -8 November 2015 to the very popular Eden Inter Club Fishing Competition weekend.  If you haven’t already booked your accommodation don’t forget to do it soon as we need confirmation of numbers and payment for the accommodation.   Cost is $120 this includes two nights’ accommodation and evening meals.  This is another weekend that our members look forward to and the friendly rivalry between our clubs ensures it is a great weekend of fishing and fun for all. Presentation Night Have you booked your tickets for our presentation night on 28...

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Newsletter: May 2015

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Newsletter: May 2015

Whilst we LOVE our new website, it doesn’t stretch back as far as we’d like. If you are keen to read our last newsletter before the new one is posted here, please click on the link below to view a scan of the hardcopy that is sent out to our members. May2015

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