Tagging of Fish – particularly Flathead

Posted on Dec 6, 2016

As we are officially a Trophy "Hot Spot" for Flathead the Tuross Head Fishing Club is keen to begin tagging of this species. The Competition Secretary (Scott Paul) is recruiting members to be part of this venture. The following is a guide to maximise the post release survival  whilst tagging trophy sized Flathead. 1. Use appropriate tackle to minimise fight times 2. Use GPS or other device to mark the spot where the trophy size fish is hoked. 3. Using an "environet" or similar leave the fish in the water while preparing equipment to measure, photographing and tagging of the fish to prevent damage and injuring due to being brought into the boat before equipment was ready. 4. Carefully bring the fish into the boat (or area), handling it with wet gloves and supporting its weight. 5. Remove hooks with long nosed pliers or suitable de-hooking tools. If the hook is deeply engorged then cut the line as close the mouth as possible. 6. Place the fish on a wet brag mat whilst measuring, photographing and tagging perform the procedures quickly and efficiently to minimise "out of water time". 7. Revive the fish in the water and release it as close as possible to the capture site. All these steps will increase the chances of a survival and recapture as well as providing valuable data to DPI for future studies and management of the species. The photos below show the ideal position and area to insert the tags.     Screenshot_2016-10-30-19-46-22Screenshot_2016-10-30-20-00-03    

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