Jo Starling

Posted on Jul 30, 2015

“MoJo”? “Queen Of The By-Catch”? She’s been called many things in her time, but when it comes helping to get our message out, she’s our “Starlet”.

With a surname synonymous with Australian fishing, Jo’s pedigree has been highlighted in marriage... but she really can fish in her own right. She and Steve enjoy all forms of recreational fishing, exploring any watery nook and cranny both here and overseas, chasing anything with fins. They are not fussy about what species delivers their enjoyment, but they are very committed to sustainability and only taking what you want to eat. Jo’s experience in marketing and advertising has bolstered the Tuross Head Fishing Club’s promotions and public image. She brings humour and a challenge to the table—that challenge being a belief that there is no gender bias in recreational fishing. So there’s the gauntlet, girls! Will you pick it up?

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