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Tuross Head Fishing Club is a sub-club of the Tuross Head Country Club and is one of the biggest fishing clubs on the South Coast of
New South Wales. At Tuross,
the opportunity exists to fish estuaries, rock, beach, lake and offshore. We hope you enjoy casting your eye (pun intended) over our website... who knows, perhaps we’ll ‘catch’ you on the water ;)

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FISHING UPDATE : July 21, 2015


Considering the startlingly cold winter that has enveloped us all, we would forgive anyone for thinking that we fishos have hung up the rods and taken the opportunity to polish our tackle. Perhaps some saner and less addicted fishing tragics have, but die-hard core of avid anglers that make up the Tuross Head Fishing Club have continued to fish hard and come up trumps.

Despite frequent bouts of gale-force winds, towering swell, hail and chilling rains, there have been windows of opportunity to exploit and, when exploited, they’ve rewarded the staunch hunters well.

Our local and surrounding waters have been fruitful all year, with big tuna delighting anglers right now. In fact, Club members Steve and Jo Starling heard all about the Montague Island tuna run whilst filming on the Sunshine Coast grapevine a couple of weeks back! Obviously, impressive news travels fast, far and wide.

Recent reports from Tuross Lake have been promising as well, with improved numbers of reasonable bream on the chew.

Last weekend was the Tuross Head Fishing Club’s “frival” (friendly rival) competition, with boisterous buddy club—Eden Game Fishing Club—dragging their boats up the Princes Highway to pit their hooks against the local anglers.

The bitter cold and wind did not keep competitors away, although it did keep them inshore. Most anglers found the going tough, but all reported that the day was fun and the company exceptional. Thank you to Eden for the ongoing banter and camaraderie. Tuross members will be heading to Eden in November for a rematch. Incidentally, neither team has ever lost on home soil, so a win for Tuross Head in November will be cause for much celebration… only time will tell.

Running alongside the Eden/Tuross inter-club friendly was the Tuross Head Fishing Club’s Goblet Competition. The target species for July was salmon and there were some quality specimens weighed. Big seas made beach fishing a challenge, but didn’t stop crusaders on a quest for the salmon grail.

One such noble angler was John Suthern, who was on the beach to watch the sun rise in a gloriously clear sky on Sunday. He was reportedly quietly confident by 8am that he had that grail in the bag, as his catch boasted two cracking salmon already.

John’s quarry was carefully stashed in a large bucket wedged up high behind him in the dunes. That was until a rogue wave rose and charged, knocking John over and reclaiming his prize fish for the ocean! Despite many more casts, he fronted the weigh-masters with nothing more than a hangdog expression and a unique story about the ones that got away.

Whilst goblet-hopeful “John The Incredulous” missed out on the grail, he did get up for one of two Turkey Of The Month awards, so his quest was not for naught. Congratulations go to Paul Brown, whose 1.75kg (clean weight) salmon secured the July Goblet for 2015.


Only nine members (five men, three women and one junior) succeeded in legal length captures this month, weighing in a total of 23 fish. Of them, seven were the target species, salmon.

Goblet: Paul Brown – Salmon 1.75kg
Ladies Lake and Estuary: Pam Alexander – Trevally 0.49kg
Ladies Rock and Beach: Pattie Parker – Salmon 1.42kg
Ladies Outside: Not awarded
Men’s Lake and Estuary: Mark Brown – Flathead 0.63kg
Men’s Rock and Beach: Paul Brown – Salmon 1.75kg
Men’s Outside: Not Awarded
Junior: Lucas Brown – Flathead 0.99kg
Mystery Weight: Tuna Not Awarded

Turkey of the Month: 2 Awarded: Mike Byron for his pet Bream that he released back into the lake only to have it gobbled up by a Pelican. John Suthern for losing 2 big Salmon off the beach to a big wave and not catching another.
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Tuross Head Flathead and Bream Tournament 12 and 13 March 2016

If you haven’t already done it, mark these dates in your diary... best tell everyone that you’ll probably be in Tuross that weekend!


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