A hearty welcome to the Tuross Head Fishing Club!

Home of the annual Tuross Head Flathead & Bream Tournament.

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Tuross Head Fishing Club is a sub-club of the Tuross Head Country Club and is one of the biggest fishing clubs on the South Coast of New South Wales.

At Tuross, the opportunity exists to fish estuaries, rock, beach, lake and offshore.

We hope you enjoy casting your eye (pun intended) over our website... who knows, perhaps we’ll ‘catch’ you on the water 😉


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    Event Calendar
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  • New Goblet Species
    New Goblet Species
    We also have new species to enter this year. Check the fish on the species table.
  • Target species is Tailor
    Target species is Tailor
    March Goblet at the Boatshed 4:00 pm 26th March

February Measure-up was a fun affair, welcoming the cooler afternoon temps and a nice spread of food, thanks Tammy! The Fishing Report will be sent out and on the website in a few days.

March is a HUGE month for our club!!!

The FLATHEAD AND BREAM TOURNAMENT kicks off with registration on the 10th, navigate to the Tournament page for full details (but if you're coming you'd better think about getting your entries in, less than a month to go!!)

17th -20th we're all off to Wallaga Lake for a short break, subsidised trip for members ... could be a couple of spaces left, contact Max if interested.

19th Pirtek Challenge, well there's one for everyone to be involved in, check it out here, anyone can enter (registration is $25 plus postage), fish where you like - salt and fresh - on the day, click here for the nuts and bolts, they'll email you your angler number and target species for the day and after that you photograph your fish on your mat with your angler ID and send it in. It is a catch and release competition and dead fish are not eligible. There are $175,000 in cash and prizes to be won and (like who needs) an excuse to go fishing on the day.

Next Goblet will be held on 25th and 26th March and your target will be Tailor, Measure-in is at the Boatshed at 4:00pm.

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