Barramundi Fishery

Posted on Sep 26, 2016

FISHERIES Victoria are currently consulting recreational fishing representative groups on arrangements to open the barramundi fishery at Hazelwood Pondage. So far the plans include:
  • Open the Hazelwood fishery on 2 December, 2016. This will allow time for the boat ramp to be extended, the car park to be upgraded, a new overflow car park to be constructed and new signage to be installed to clarify where land and boat-based fishers can fish. It will also enable the 5,000 stocked barra to grow bigger.
  • Introduce a daily bag limit of zero barramundi, making the fishery catch-and-release only. A risk assessment will be conducted in the meantime to determine whether barramundi in Hazelwood Pondage meet food safety standards.
  • Cap the number of boats (powered and unpowered) that can fish to a maximum of 25 per day. This will match new carpark capacity and ensure a quality fishing experience on the water. There are no plans to limit the number of land-based anglers.
  • Hold a free "barra ballot" for anglers with boats to register their interest in 1-2 day periods when they’d like to fish.

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