NextWave Workshops

Posted on Jul 26, 2016

If any of THFC members are attending such a program please contact the Secretary Max Castle  More feedback on the NextWave Workshops Dave Rae was one of the participants in the recent NextWave - National Future Leaders in Recreational Fishing workshops... The National Future Leaders in Recreational Fishing – South East Region Conference held in Port Fairy was a real education for me.  Not only did I meet some wonderfully keen young recreational fishers from NSW, VIC, SA and TAS, I also got to know a bunch of established recreational leaders. These guys have been working behind the scenes for years on behalf of all recreational fishers and I had only a limited understanding of both their efforts and their influence. In addition, I met a range of fisheries staff and research scientists who have the interests of recreational fishing at heart. A huge thank you to Recreational Fishing Alliance of NSW, RecFish SA, VR Fish Vic and Tarfish TAS. The week-long conference was jam-packed with learning. We covered topics such as: Fisheries management, importance of social media, stock assessment/research and monitoring, government process, education vs enforcement in terms of compliance, social licence and Murray Cod science. We worked on case studies involving carp herpes virus, Southern Blue Fin Tuna  and the promotion of recreational fishing. We heard from commercial fishers, conservationists, a lobbyist and from government. So what really struck me? First off would be the value of social licence of recreational fishers within the community; the loss of that social licence being our critical issue. If anglers continue to leave line and other rubbish and around our waterways, if the turkeys continue to abuse size and bag limits then the extreme ‘green’ groups will be able to cause us severe problems. Recreational anglers must develop an appreciation within the wider community in regards to conservation and sustainability.  As one of the youngsters put it: 'Fish Safe and fish Clean'!

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